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Este post se publicó el 27 de Noviembre en inglés. Tras escribirlo me di cuenta de que el motivo más poderoso para dar marcha atrás y replantearme el idioma es que, finalmente, la tarea que pretendo llevar a cabo es local y el alcance no es tan importante cuando se pierde parte del mensaje por la barrera del idioma.

El post original queda abajo, para referencia.

The combination of two totally not related events has pushed me over the edge to finally start a blog.

The first is my latent interest to restart a forgotten passion in 28 mm wargaming, since now the University days are long gone by and the group that used to gather has scattered Derived from this interest I have accumulated quite a collection of material in the shape of miniatures and terrain, as well as (re) discovered techniques and procedures.

Here is were the entropy part comes from, since what I have from those days are mostly big boxes of material and trashed things.

The second one is my (rather weak, looking back on what I’ve done so far) final push to get over the last credits on Aparejadores (let’s call it Architectural Engineering). And specially an interesting class in Free Software, that being true to its conception, can be easily accessed via You Tube.

Why in english?

Because I don’t seem to get enough practice anyway, and it should reach a bigger audience (heh).

Why a blog?

Because while a blog is not the ideal “database” format, which would suit more a collection of items and techniques, it does help to gain some insight on the growth and evolution of projects with time. As all stuff done via brush and xacto takes quite some of it, moreso when the free time is limited.

It does also help to archive certain “design decisions”, and coming from an Engineering field, I can’t but help to try and standarize certain procedures (we’re mostly talking colours here).

Why Entropy and Glue?

Because what’s turning these boxes of trash into a whatever-scape is nothing but these trusty bottles of PVA, white, contact and CA glue.


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